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The effectiveness of dental sealants is extremely beneficial if your tooth enamel is not strong enough to repel the dangers of bacteria and acids on your teeth. Sealants can last for many years and greatly lower your risk for dental damage at the hands of erosion. Here are a few tips about dental sealants that can help:

– Tooth decay risks can be lowered in your mouth by 80% with dental sealants.

– Children’s smiles can be 3 times less likely to develop a cavity with dental sealants as a safeguard.

– Sealants are not necessary for infants, but they can be placed in children as young as six. Sealants are most beneficial for molars, which typically grow in when a child is around six years old.

– A single dental sealant can give you long-lasting protection for up to a decade before they need to be replaced or reapplied.

– Sealants are valuable for the look of your teeth, as they are clear and will not change the natural look of your smile.

– Dental sealants can ensure your teeth are protected by making sure harmful acids in your mouth cannot penetrate your tooth enamel.

If you are showing signs of damage that can benefit from dental sealants, come visit Family Dentistry for treatment today. With the helpful support of Dr. Monila Reheman and our wonderful team at our dentist office in Madison, New Jersey, we can repair your smile. To schedule an appointment, call us at 973-360-9800. Let us help you get a whiter, brighter smile today!